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“Doom Country” is officially the Northern California area from the Oregon border down south to San Luis Obispo County and extending east to the Central Valley for Fresno and surrounding cities and as far as the California/Nevada border, including the Reno and Northern Nevada areas.
Where the Impala SS isn't just a's a Passion!
This is a car club for 94-96 Chevy Impala SS owners and its enthusiasts.
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Chris Llorente (San Francisco and surrounding areas)

Ed Runnion (West Bay and surrounding areas)

Tom Davis (West Bay and surrounding areas)

Bruce Corcoran ("Central" East Bay and surrounding areas) 

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RODarama isn't looking good for this year so...

Cool September Days

September 16th, 17th, and 18th

North Shore Tahoe @ Biltmore Hotel and Casino

$55 entry fee paid directly to the show from each entrant.

This is where ROD steps in. Most everyone in ROD supports the RODarama Shows every year with baskets, donations, equipment, food and help. So this year, those of you that register with Cool Sept Days Car Show will be rewarded. When you register with CSD, you also need to send Don Ishmael an email copy of it and when you arrive at the show, for each car registered, the ROD treasury will give you a refund of $30.00!! This is being done because we have the money in the treasury to put on shows and to take care of the websites fees. Since there won't be any RODarama for 2011 we, as directors, thought we should reward you with a little payback for your dedication to the Region of DOOM. It's not a lot but it's just something to say thanks for making our shows fun and for the continued support of the B-Bodies and Impala SS.

A separate trophy class will be created for every 6-9 of our participants, so if we can gather, say, 20-25 cars, they will award plaques for stock, modified and custom among the B-Bodies, or whatever breakdown we choose. They will try to reserve sufficient area for us to graze together in the lot, and encourage everyone at the show to check out our cars as a "special attraction." Of course, it is all peer judged, so we would want to get as many folks over to see us as we can, in order to make it a good cross-section of visitors voting our classes.

The Biltmore Casino & Hotel will be having a $2k "purse", lots of raffle prizes, and piles of good accommodations for participants. We would be given 2-for-1 steakhouse dinner, freebies for gaming, drink tokes, various items of Biltmore shwag in the goodie bags, and a room rate  of $59/night for 09/16 and 09/17 (at the Casino Hotel--the cheaper of the two parts of the hotel). The Biltmore has a smallish casino of its own (just 140 slots and 8 table games), but right across the street are two more houses that also offer live lounge acts and stage shows, without having to travel down the highway to South Shore.  Since the Biltmore is small it would be best to register early.

REMEMBER, you ABSOLUTELY have to email Don Ishmael that you have sent in your registration/entry fee to 'Cool Sept Days' so we can make sure to have the correct amount of cash for everyone. If he doesn't get that confirmation from you, we WON'T have the cash for you.

The Cool Sept Days Show website isn't completed yet but the show info is at:

The Biltmore Casino / Hotel website is: